Friday, April 13, 2012

Buy Local: Guns and Gear from Arizona

In the world of guns and gear, you can't always have things made in America. Even tougher can be finding gear that is made locally, but here at Independence Training, we do everything we can to support our local manufacturers. Here's a few of the things that I use and trust that are made right here in our beautiful state of Arizona.

Clockwise from Top left:
Tyr Tactical Basic Plate Carrier (with AZ flag patch)
Ruger SR9 in Galco Triton holster
Screenprint shirt and embroidered hat by AZ Cap Company
Kydex mag holder by local shooting club member
Wilderness Tactical Instructor Belt
Ruger SR9 in TCB Firearms kydex holster
Cerakoting on both SR9 handguns by STG Firearms/X-Werks

Ruger Firearms ( - Prescott, AZ
If you own a semi-automatic handgun made by Ruger, chances are it has 'PRESCOTT, AZ USA' stamped on the slide or frame somewhere, such as with the SR9 and SR40, the famous P-series, the LCP, the new SR1911 and the new SR22. I have owned and carried the same SR9 since it was first released, and it has yet to let me down.

TCB Firearms and Holsters ( - San Tan Valley, AZ
Custom kydex holsters, magazine holders, and knife sheaths at the price of production holsters. 100% retention and quality that beats more expensive holsters I've owned and used. You can get different colored and even camouflaged kydex, and each piece is made to order. Call Jason today to get a price quote.

Wilderness Tactical Products ( - Phoenix, AZ
Makers of the best and more reliable belt that I've ever owned. In fact, I've had the same Wilderness Instructor Belt for almost 8 years, and it's still just as good as ever. They also make slings, packs, magazine holders, and several other quality pieces of gear.

Tyr Tactical ( - Peoria, AZ
If you're looking for a plate carrier or a pack that won't let you down, look no further than Tyr. It's top-notch gear for when you need and want the best there is.

VLTOR Products ( - Tucson, AZ
High quality AR and M14 platform parts and accessories. I prefer their BCM Gunfighter charging handles for my AR-15s, and I love their EMOD adjustable stock - perfect cheek weld, ample storage for batteries and small parts, and a solid butt that will not break or fail, even when things get physical.

Galco ( - Phoenix, AZ
If you want a leather holster, Galco is the place to get it. But they also make the best kydex in waistband holster I have ever used - the Triton. They are also a huge supporter of our Troops with their 'Holsters to Heroes' program.

GG&G ( - Tucson, AZ
Home of gun accessories galore - if you need it for your shotgun, rifle, or carbine, GG&G has it. I am a big fan of their MAD rear back-up iron sight for the AR-15, and have been using one for over 6 years. It's a rock solid piece of equipment. Their shotgun sling mounts are also hard to beat.

Coyote Tactical ( - Phoenix, AZ
David will make you just about any piece of gear you need, be it a pouch, belt, pack, chest rig, or plate carrier. Need something non-tactical but durable? Yeah, he'll make that, too, and his work is affordable and top-quality.

Cavalry Manufacturing ( - Mesa, AZ
Home of unique AR-15 accessories and some of the best medical gear on the market, including fully stocked pre-made medical kits that aren't full of useless band-aids.

Dillon Precision ( - Scottsdale, AZ
You live in Arizona and you don't know what Dillon Precision is? They make the best ammunition reloading presses on the market, hands down, as well as several great firearms accessories. And of course their sister company is Dillon Aero, who makes the M134 minigun for the military - it's pure beauty at 3000 rounds per minute.

McMillan ( - Phoenix, AZ
While I can only attest to the quality of their stocks, which are durable and functional as well as fashionable, McMillan also makes their own rifles, including the TAC-50, which is reportedly one of the most accurate .50 BMG rifles on the market.

Arizona Cap Company ( - Prescott, AZ
While they're not a gear company per se, they certainly can get you whatever you need for apparel, and that includes getting it embroidered or screenprinted. They do all of the shirts, hats, coats, business cards, and marketing material for Independence Training, and their quality, price, and production time can't be beat - believe me, I've tried. AZ Cap Company also runs and

STG Firearms ( - Prescott Valley, AZ
Our local provider of firearms and ammunition, they also run X-Werks, which does all of the coating and refinishing of our firearms. You'll find gun counter guys here who actually know what they are talking about, which is a rare thing, plus you'll find gear and guns here that you won't find anywhere else.

Obviously we can't highlight everything that is made in Arizona, as we certainly haven't had the chance to put everything to the test. If you know of a great piece of gear made in Arizona, or somewhere local to you, and you'd like to tell us about it, post it up in the comments section below.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe, Train Hard.
-Glen Stilson